Company Characteristics

Revenue between $5 - $100MM
EBITDA between $1 - $10MM
Experienced Management Team
No start-ups

Why We Are Different

Flexibility on Structure
Unique Access to Industry Expertise
Long Term Hold Possible – 5 to 15+ Years
$1-10MM Equity Initially, Can Scale to $30MM+ If Needed

Services / Outsourcing          

Transaction Services/Payments
Proprietary Database/Data Management/Analytics
Distribution and Logistics Services
Healthcare Services
Energy/Terminal Storage/Pipelines/Infrastructure

Proprietary Manufacturing

OTC Private Label Pharmaceutical Products
Packaging – Pharmaceutical
Remanufacturing & Recycling
Precision Devices
Specialty Chemicals (Proprietary Only)
Flavorings, Fragrances and Food Ingredients
“HUBs”™ – Highly Unusual Businesses ™ – any type of business with recurring revenue characteristics and a secure customer base