strategically investing capital

Pinnacle Equity Partners, LLC is a private equity firm strategically investing capital into entrepreneurial, profitable, growth-oriented companies in the $5 - $100MM revenue range and with $1 - $10MM of EBITDA. In our careers we have been involved with both larger and smaller enterprises. Our approach typically incorporates control transactions. Occasionally we take substantial non-control positions in companies where we can provide deep industry expertise and add significant value to the management teams. Financial liquidity for owners, inactive shareholders, capital for acquisitions or growth capital for rapid expansion are among the many ways that we create highly successful partnerships.

Partnering for long-term benefits

We partner with talented entrepreneurs, management teams and industry executives to create positive dynamics for the long-term benefit and sustainability of our portfolio companies. We typically serve our portfolio companies through participation on the board of directors and accelerate their success by:

  • Strengthening customer and supplier relationships
  • Guiding senior management and internal operations
  • Arranging debt financing including for add-on acquisitions
  • Coordinating high-impact public relations and marketing campaigns
  • Delivering ongoing strategic guidance for long-term growth

Unique Resources and Skills

The Pinnacle Advisory Board also brings unique skills and contacts from a wide range of industries that can be beneficial to our partner companies and their management teams. As an example, a company that obtained our investment was also in need of new sales lead generation opportunities. Our network generated more than 500 prospects for the company, and is enabling them to achieve rapid growth and diversify their revenue stream much faster than they could have without our involvement.